Private messages - restricted?

I wanted to write a private message to another forum member but can not find any “new message” button when I enter my message/ The only thing I see is the “welcome” message from the IPFS forum adminbot

Som are private messages restircted generally, or do you need to earn some points here first, or can just someone kinldy enable those for me?

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You need to get to a higher trust level. This is to spam bots from creating accounts and PM spamming users.

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Indeed, Trust Levels are an unfortunate inconvenience, but they keep forum spam-free.

More background:

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ok, that’s what I thought. Let’s see whether I’ll be able to gain such over time :slight_smile: .
Marking a post as the correct answer also seems to be restricted, so I can’t do that right now.

Till then, thanks for making IPFS in the first place.