Naming system for all the local file hashes?

I am looking for some kind of naming / describtion system that gives me a summary about my local file hashes. I am not talking about ipns. I am just looking for a way to get a quick summery about my hashes (like a titel in a google docs, some kind of sticky note or maybe some tags that describe the content of the hashes) - I only want to make it easier to remember content of hashes + I think it will help a lot once I start to get a bunch of hashes

I am only looking for a system that is visible to me, but I guess it could be build upon.

Ps. I am a noob

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Files API enables you to assign “filesystem names” to hashes – perhaps it is what you are looking for?

Check ipfs files --help and the thread below:


Does this also show up in the WebUI / add-on in firefox?

Not yet. It is commandline-only for now.

Damn… Well guess I just have to wait then…

At some point there will surely be a GUI file manager/browser for the Files API. But the latter is already a great feature on the command line. You can also make a shell alias to auto-create a reference to any new objects in your mutable FS, e.g. something like this:

ipfadd() {
if [[ $(ipfs 2>/dev/null) == "" ]] ; then
	echo -e "IPFS is either not installed or not in your \$PATH"
	return 1
if [[ $(ps aux | grep "ipfs daemon" | grep -v "grep.*ipfs daemon" 2>/dev/null) == "" ]] ; then
	echo -e "IPFS daemon is not running"
	return 1
if [[ $# -eq 0 ]] ; then
	echo -e "No file specified.\nUsage:\tipfadd <file>"
	return 1
for file in "$@"
	if [[ ! -d "$file" ]] ; then
		hash=$(ipfs add -Q "$file")
		echo -e "Added file: $hash"
		hash=$(ipfs add -Q -r "$file")
		echo -e "Added directory: $hash"
	filename=$(basename "$file")
	if [[ $(ipfs files ls | grep "^$filename$") != "" ]] ; then
		current_date=$(date -u +"%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")
	ipfs files cp /ipfs/$hash /"$filename"
	mfs_row=$(ipfs files ls -l | grep "^$filename")
	echo -e "Copied: $mfs_row"
echo -e "Done."

You can also add it to a mutable directory, e.g. /fresh, then use ipfs files cp /ipfs/$hash /fresh/"$filename" and mfs_row=$(ipfs files ls -l /fresh | grep "^$filename")

PS: the alias doesn’t check, if the filename is already in use in your MFS target directory, so you probably need to list that target directory first (without the -l option) and grep "^$filename$", and if the result != "", then add a string to your filename, e.g. the current date etc., and only then run ipfs files cp.

EDIT 1: added check for “file exists” (macOS/BSD date format)
EDIT 2: added file vs dir check