NAT and Firewall


I have only been tinkering with IPFS for a few days. My Internet access is through an apartment community WiFi that does Network Address Translation (NAT). It is firewalled, of course. Port forwarding is not available. Also, each of my computers is running a firewall. (I use OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Scientific Linux and Ubuntu). I would like to distribute ~12GB of MP3 files to the world (this is not pirated music - Creative Commons license or public domain is okay). Will IPFS function normally if incoming ports are blocked?

IPFS can traverse some NATs, depending on your firewall configuration they may need to be adjusted.

If you run into problems you can try to follow Another feature you might be interested in is using circuit relay and announcing relay address, this isn’t documented yet (other than the bits in

Thanks, I was a little curious about Tor integration but the documentation (and, perhaps, the implementation) isn’t quite usable. Actually, the more I look at it, I am beginning to wonder if IPFS might be an elaborate parody of the Silicon Valley TV series.