New small project using IPFS, feedback welcome

Recently finished an early release of a free and simple knowledge base editor web app that uses IPFS for publishing content with Cloudflare’s support for DNSLink records for easily linking the knowledge base to a domain.

The project was created with the idea of allowing small business and startups to save cost by not needing some of the more expensive pricing plans that many help desk platforms like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Kayako, etc. charge for access to their knowledge base feature.

Looking for feedback especially on the following points, but any comments are welcome:

  1. Additional features requested
  2. Ideas for improving the editor UI/UX
  3. Any other CDNs we may be able to support in addition to Cloudflare
  4. We would like to add a live chat widget/feature also (maybe using IPFS PubSub)
  5. Monetization ideas (would like to keep all current functionality free)

We are still working on some important parts like editing category names and allowing multiple team members to edit the knowledge base with changes synced (currently only one editor is supported much like an offline word document).

We would like to keep the publishing experience simple enough to attract any kind of users who most likely won’t know what IPFS is.

Looking forward to your ideas.