Peergos launches decentralized and encrypted social media

We’re super excited to announce social media in Peergos. We’ve been planning this for years and we’ve now got an initial release out.

The model is simple. Every post is a file in Peergos, and uses the built-in encryption and access control to share with others.


Nice work! I joined today and tried it out!


The platform looks very promising. I really like the calendar option and the fact that the development team seems to be composed of actual scientists.

However, there doesn’t seem to be a crypto currency payment option for “Pro”.

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Thanks for the feedback, @ipfsme. The lack of crypto payment options is mainly a lack of development resources - we’re flat out at the moment building out features and applications.

I understand there may be mixed feelings in the crypto-sphere about bitpay. However, many of the services I’ve used that accept crypto utilize bitpay.

There’s also coinbase … As far as I remember, epik registrar uses coinbase payment processor, and that’s been one of the most seamless payment experiences I’ve had as a crypto paying customer.

However, a simple donation address might get a few hits too.


Tried it out. Will be sending some feedback soon.

In general, the concept seems promising but the functions are pretty clunky. I really would love to see this grow and succeed.

Thanks! Yep the UI is definitely very clunky and needs a lot of work. We’ve focused on the protocol and its implementation so far. Lots of design work to come on the UI front.

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