Permanent Decentralized Pinning

This might be a little niche, but an idea came to me about having an autonomous website that would run forever so long as money is fed into its wallet. IPFS is a natural fit for this, but the problem of finding an appropriate pinning service was harder than expected. It would need to operate solely on cryptocurrency, be permissionless decentralized to outlive its parent company, and support the usecase of funding a large collection of files with a single wallet. I’ve yet to find something that fits this bill, which is a shame.

Filecoin does not support pinning. Crust uses per-file assurance pools. And Arweave imposes a very steep cost.

I was hoping that the community here might know the ecosystem better and be able to suggest services I may have overlooked. It seems an obvious use-case of IPFS that any forward-thinking archivist could appreciate, and one I would love to start developing if I had the right tools.

Many Thanks.

Hi @pinkuoki
I think we’re now exploring the niche you’re talking about :wink:

The way to do it is to map 5 spherical layers of keys over the planet and use TiddlyWiki to store data. Then data routing protocol happens every night between TW and grid layers. This makes a geolocalized step by step blockchain producing collaborative data with an “increasing degree of certification”.

UPlanet application is hosted on IPFS, data are “routed” (fork and merge) by the Astroport.ONE blockchain that orchestrates smart contracts (written in BASH) every night.

For now to get published on planet surface grid, a Tiddler needs to get more than 5 signatures. Any copied tiddler will be pinned and all tagged email signatures receive a coin. The coin we use is “Ğ1” from project.

This is still a work in progress… We are planning to include langchain LLM models processing to condense information in needed places… Before it happens, you can already have free TiddlyWiki hosting and try to start sharing Tiddlers. Contact me if you’d like some coins and try it “for real”.

Joined Telegram: Contact @ipfsdapps to talk about

Right, but it offers permanece if you pin the content elsewhere.

Nftstorage, fleek, filebase all offer pinning