Crust Network - decentralized pinning service of IPFS

Hey Guys, I found that Crust Network is doing pretty a good job in pinning files, they own a blockchain to create the incentive for nodes that pin files for users.

I tried to upload some files to Crust Network and the result is pretty impressive, more than 100 nodes are pinning my file. The file can be retrieved using a public gateway.

If you know a bit about blockchain you could try here, they are covering the fee for users so it’s free now.

Or you can pin your file freely using http request IPFS W3Auth Gateway · Crust Wiki
IPFS W3Auth Pinning Service · Crust Wiki

FYI, Scihub is moving its content to Crust Network

The blockchain subject is quite sensitive because a lot of blockchains are just doing the speculation but I think this project has real use cases. Many of us know Pinata, Infura but Crust is not well known so I posted here if someone is interested.

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