Persistent storage (pinning) of a DAG using ipfs javascript API

Hi, I am trying to use the Merkle DAG features of IPFS javascript API to create a decentralized list of base58 addresses, and a corresponding value. It boils down a verified list of addresses that looks some like this:

verified: { address1: ‘value1’, address2: ‘value2’, …}

example adding member to the DAG:
let cid = await ipfs.dag.put({
verified: {
address: ‘value’

The CID for this decentralized table will change with each update to the DAG. Which I will keep track of in my program. In all doesn’t seem too difficult. I see it’s fairly easy to create a new IPFS node within my web app, however, the data won’t be persistent, obviously. What’s the best way to get this data “pinned” so that it is always accessible? I’m considering using Infura IPFS or, but didn’t see any details specifically about pinning a DAG for permanent storage. Any suggestions you have, or pointers to other resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I believe you are on the right track. In order to have persistence that is not subject to Gsrbage collection there should be intent shown through pinning an object using infura, pinata or The latter is a very lightweight implementation. The custody of that data is now assured by the pinning service provider. As long as the parameters are not exceeded and your account is in good standing there will be permanence to your data.