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From @kevinsimper on Mon Aug 15 2016 00:08:50 GMT+0000 (UTC)

I wondered a lot why there were no articles about distributing files with ipfs hence the whole websites talks about in abstract.

I imagine that it is pretty difficult for newcomers to come all the way to this git repo :smile:

Could there be an article about “pinning” be added that don’t have pinning as the headline? Then I think more people would understand IPFS, since without pinning the file really only exist on one machine.

I know this article, but as I am totally new to IPFS, this article does not really help me with my problem. How do I distribute a 5 GB video file, so it is not only on my machine?

Btw. ipfs is awesome, now just 20 minutes into it!

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From @kevinsimper on Mon Aug 15 2016 01:39:35 GMT+0000 (UTC)

I now read a lot more about it and even tried ipfs files, ipfs mount and it is still totally awesome, but I also understand that it is not as simple as to just synchronize two folders!

But maybe it should just say that: it is not easy synchronizing folders! :wink:

From @whyrusleeping on Thu Aug 18 2016 05:03:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Hey @kevinsimper, glad to hear youre enjoying ipfs :slight_smile:

Some reading that might help here:

From @RichardLitt on Tue Aug 30 2016 14:02:16 GMT+0000 (UTC)

@kevinsimper We’re working on exactly this, too - making tutorials that explain pinning. We’ll update when we have some. cc @flyingzumwalt

From @flyingzumwalt on Tue Aug 30 2016 14:41:58 GMT+0000 (UTC)

Yeah. #47 is the best explanation at the moment, though it rambles a bit and has a confusing title. I’m working on a new set of tutorials that will cover pinning as part of the Files on IPFS tutorial but, alas, at the moment it’s just stubbed out I will be filling in all of these lessons over the coming weeks.

From @flyingzumwalt on Tue Aug 30 2016 14:48:40 GMT+0000 (UTC)

I’ve created a ticket to track this work so you can follow along. See ipfs/community#163 and the associated milestone