Pinned data > StorageMax

I was wondering what happens if I have a node configured with a StorageMax of 10GB, and I pin 20 GB of data. There seems to be three possible behaviors, and I’m not sure which one actually happens:

Possibility #1: Only 10 GB of data gets pinned, and the rest can get garbage collected. This shouldn’t happen since the StorageMax is a “soft” limit.
Possibility #2: All 20 GB of data gets pinned, but the system is constantly attempting to garbage collect every scrap of unpinned data.
Possibility #3: All 20 GB of data gets pinned, and the system will allow another 9 GB of unpinned data (StorageGCWatermark = 90% of StorageMax of 10 GB) before garbage collecting.

I’m hoping it’s possibility #3, but possibility #2 seems more likely. Unfortunately, this means I have to constantly adjust StorageMax over time (I have multi-terabyte drives attached to some of my nodes).

Thoughts, anyone?

It’s #2, where constantly attempting actually means, “every GC-interval” (as configured in the config).