PolyWrap Overview

Thank you to @dOrgJelli from PolyWrap for giving us an overview of the their system https://polywrap.io/

​From the GitHub repo https://github.com/polywrap/monorepo

​Polywrap is a wasm standard for integrating Web3 protocols into applications. This eliminates the need for client-side SDKs, making dapps lightweight and multi-platform.

​The IPFS community is exploring various usages of WASM for which PolyWrap has many tools.

Video & Resources

Slides https://hackmd.io/@polywrap-dao/rkWLGRKpc#/

Pre-recorded video of Slides

Live meeting and Q&A


I’ve included the video recording now. Feel free to download it and upload it to YouTube or elsewhere and I can point to that version @dOrgJelli.

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