Problem with file upload to ipfs / hash /path

Hello, guys.
Few month ago I add ipfs for upload files, all worked correctly, but a week ago I have problem and can’t resolve it.
I try to send file to IPFS and get hash of file.

like this.
connect ipfs :

  ipfs = await Ipfs.create({
      config: {
        Bootstrap: [

    console.timeEnd('IPFS Started');

and try to send file

  const {ipfs, ipfsInitError} = useIpfs({commands: ['id']});
  const addToIpfs = async (file) => {
    const hashOfFile = await ipfs.add(file);

    return hashOfFile[0].path;

so, when I try to upload, I have error

Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘hashOfFile[0].path’)

in hashOfFile return function
AsyncGenerator {_invoke: function, next: function, throw: function, return: function, Symbol(Symbol.asyncIterator): function}

earlier it was hash of file.

could you help me?

on GitHub I have answer

Previously ipfs.add returned an array, which was great, unless you were adding a lot of files in which case your process could run out of memory. Now it returns an async iterator as you've found.

n.b. you don’t need to do the double await:

// instead of
for await (const inputFile of await ipfs.add({ path: 'randompath.txt', content: file })) {

// do:
for await (const inputFile of ipfs.add({ path: 'randompath.txt', content: file })) 

it work, but still problem in Safari - crash

    Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): null is not an object (evaluating 'ipfs.add')