Uploaded file but cannot find on the network

I’m using NodeJs with ipfs v0.40.0 and have uploaded a directory, receiving in return the structure below:

        "path": "404/index.html",
        "hash": "Qmb8jBubvkAvch2MnD1PmEBffa7iZXSxzNCrD7Z3nGCetg",
        "size": 2294
        "path": "404",
        "hash": "QmQ1GyYGjScqvjwnq8Aq96udoqtBhSD562kspEv8Wh4f6p",
        "size": 2351

however, when looking for the files on the network I get 404s on both hashes e.g. https://ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmb8jBubvkAvch2MnD1PmEBffa7iZXSxzNCrD7Z3nGCetg

I’ve also tried http://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/Qmb8jBubvkAvch2MnD1PmEBffa7iZXSxzNCrD7Z3nGCetg but equally to no avail

is there a production vs. development issue? what am I missing?

afaik js-ipfs node content need to be preloaded to be available in the gateways (https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs#optionspreload).

You’ve added a 404 page to ipfs and you get a 404 page when you retrieve it. Is this not what you expect?