The data I uploaded through node.js is not accessible

I am trying to make a webpage where you can upload a picture and it is uploaded via backend server(node.js) on IPFS.

And I used multer memoryStorage so the backend server does not need to store any data(
checked with diskStorage option and it was storing files correctly, so I do not think the process until this part is wrong).

the backend router code for uploading is like this:

const ipfs = ipfsAPI('', '5001', {protocol: 'https'})
const fileTransfer = async (req, res) => {
        const file = req.file

and I got the result like this:

    path: 'QmeVYx .... TufJrB',
    hash: 'QmeVYx .... TufJrB',
    size: 14214

but when I try to paste the link on web browser or paste the hash on the app
it shows nothing.

does anyone know why and how to fix this?