Problem with latest version of Kubo 0.22.0 and fs-repo-migration tool

We have been updating our IPFS nodes to the latest version using the IPFS updater tool. This installs version 0.22.0. We have had to use the fs-repo-migrations tool as part of this process this was working fine a few days ago on the nodes we were updating. However when repeating this process today on our next node that needs updating, the fs-repo-migrations tool seems to be migrating the repo to a version beyond what the current release of Kubo supports i.e. it is now going to version 15 of the repo (previously it was going to just version 14). As a result kubo won’t run and complains about the repo being to new!

What is the solution? can we downgrade the repo with the fs-repo-migration and if so how? It seems to have a repo on 15 you need a version of Kubo beyond what can be installed via the updater tool?

Any help much appreciated


fs-repo-migrations takes an -to argument to indicate which version to migrate to.