Publishing on IPFS Testbed (peer table / key cast errors)

I’m setting up a testbed with:
iptb shell 0
ipfs daemon

Then issuing:
ipfs name publish [HASH]

On the client, I’m getting an error:
Error: failed to find any peer in table

While on the daemon, I’m seeing:
ERROR dht: loggableKey could not cast key: invalid cid version number: 47 lookup.go:35

Any idea why I’m seeing this error or how to publish on my local test cluster?

I have this error too when running ipfs name publish… some other users too, apparently, judging from the comments on GitHub.

I noticed that if I use ipfs key gen --type=rsa --size=2048 test I can publish to the public network with ipfs name publish --key=test [HASH], although it hangs on IPTB (no error.)