Pubsub: messages (Kubo)

Messaging does not work in Kubo… Has this feature been removed already?

I tried it on Windows too…

It says that command is outdated and will be removed in the future, but the command is still active in last verison Kubo

One of the reasons to remove it is probably what you’re experiencing. It’s not quite stable and can easily get confused in a local network. If you let it stew for a bit or access it from another network, it might come to.

But, it’s probably better to just move on. There are plenty of pubsub libraries out there :slight_smile:

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  1. You need to press Ctrl-d in that second window to actually send the message.
  2. It was removed because pubsub really only works well as a library (i.e., use GitHub - libp2p/go-libp2p-pubsub: The PubSub implementation for go-libp2p directly). There was no way to use the pubsub command securely (no way to inject message validators, configure spam rules, etc.).
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