Pubsub & Signal/Rendezvous servers

Hi All,
If you are using webrtc* as the transport, you need to have a hosted signal/rendezvous server if you plan to deploy the app in production.
Is there any way to make the pubsub between two remote peers work without a signal/rendezvous server?

I also read about circuit relay module, can this be used as a signalling mechanism for webrtc?


I’m not that familiar with js-libp2p but I believe you can just use circuit relay without signaling. If you know of a node willing to act as a relay, you can connect to the other node through the relay node and then use pubsub normally.

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I just found webrtc-swarm, maybe it is useful:

Apparently it uses this:

Funnily enough, the author already created an electron media-player that will play IPFS files…
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