Question about official website not being accessible from Iran

Hi everyone,
I’m from Iran and today I realized that ipfs official website blocks Iranian IP addresses, I know, sanctions right? But don’t you think that this is pure hypocrisy to do publicity about decentralization and a new futuristic Internet while banning access from a country?
This is not acceptable!!
I would be happy to hear an explanation from IPFS.

Can you give more details about the “block”?

I am not aware of such block existing from IPFS-side. In fact, the website is hosted on IPFS itself so even if that block existed it would be easily circumventable.

I will also take the liberty of editing your post title since I find it a bit disrespectful.

Sure, sorry about the title, Lost it there :sweat_smile:.
The domain can not be reached with Iranian IP addresses, but with VPN it’s ok. I don’t think it’s banned from the inside by the Iranian government, and I didn’t find IPFS on this list List of sites which block IPs come from Iran [UPDATING... (July 16, 2020)] #SANCTIONS · GitHub
so just wanted to know why?

Are you able to check to what IPs resolves to? Can you do traceroute etc.? Most likely explanation is that it blocked by your ISP, either at DNS or IP-routing level.