Questions about DHT performance

Does it take too long to query DHT if you keep a large number of small files in IPFS?

If I set up a private network and store a large number of small files on a limited number of nodes, each node would need to maintain a relatively large DHT, which would lead to a long query time. When this happens, can we solve the performance problem by adding more nodes?

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Try out first and then see what the bottlenecks are. I don’t think the DHT query times are going to be your worst problem on a private network.

For example, if I set up a private network with only three nodes, if I save 300,000 files in the private network, each of these three nodes will maintain a DHT with 10,000 entries on average, will it lead to a long query time?

300,000 files are a small number of files by all means.

Each node will maintain 100,000 entries, which a small number of elements.

You should be fine.

Hector, sir, are you saying that hosting 300k files on a node is not the same as maintaining 300k connections so if I use ipfs cat in hawaii I can get the string in that object.
Because 300k connections seems like a big challenge even if ipfs is implemented in go which they say is so concurrent.

all jokes aside, my scenario is running a node in local host, I’ve never tested myself but can you promise me first that calling http://localhost:5001/api/v0/cat?arg={CID} (with proper methods for calling) wouldn’t take at least 3 seconds. while that object with said CID is only 300 bytes long. I’ve been developing a module for our system that use ipfs and I am getting a feeling that calling http api on ipfs is so slow even when it’s in localhost

Can you also promise me that I can make at least 2000 request /s to my local ipfs nodes through ipfs http api?

For a public hosted ipfs api, obviously I have to proxy my request to ipfs using nginx and apache and 2000 request /s isn’t when they are the bottle neck.

Since I am not going to start a new ipfs process for every request, and talks to local ipfs gateway as HTTP API | IPFS Docs (ipns.localhost) reccommands, I hope it can handle this much

There are no 300k connections involved. This is a private network with 3 nodes, so there will be at most 3 connections.

I don’t know about requests per second, depends on your setup and your hardware.

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