Re-initializing ipfs gives me ERROR configuration already exists

Do I have to delete the ipfs folder each time I run the goipfs node on my machine ?
I had it running , turn off my machine , then come back type ipfs init and get this error

ericnickus@Erics-iMac ~ % ipfs init

generating ED25519 keypair…done

peer identity: 12D3KooWHgaNG9ay7haNLFT6mFNBn58TFq1cjroHs2DduWfHbq8w

initializing IPFS node at /Users/ericnickus/.ipfs

Error: ipfs configuration file already exists!

Reinitializing would overwrite your keys.`

please advise how to get it running again without deleting everything

You need to remove ~/.ipfs first.

rm -rf ~/.ipfs/

Warning, that will remove everything you have stored in IPFS on your node and you current configuration.

So that’s where it’s at with running your own node ? turning off the computer loses all the data ? Are we supposed to use filecoin or something to store permanent ?

Ok I’ve miss understood what you wanted.

You only run ipfs init once the first time.
When you create a new node.

I thought you wanted to reset your node fresh.

Now that you have a repo just run ipfs daemon as usual.

When I’m trying to install IPFS by using “npm install orbit-db ipfs” I’m encountering this error. ERR! Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, symlink ‘C:\Users\Student\OB\node_modules\go-ipfs\go-ipfs\ipfs.exe’ →
However, when I install just the IPFS following “npm install IPFS”, there aren’t any issues.

Can you please help me fix this issue