`ipfs id` != /.ipfs/config after migration to go-ipfs 0.5.0

I recently upgraded to go-ipfs 0.5.0, yeah!!

I know I screwed up though. I did “ipfs init” in addition to “ipfs daemon --migrate” and now I have two different IDs – when I run “ipfs id” I get one ID, and the old ID stayed in my config file. Yikes!

The old ID that stayed in the config file seems to work, the new one in “ipfs id” not so much. So go-ipfs 0.5 is relying on the config in the config file.

2 Questions:

  1. Can I fix this? I need the “ipfs id” to go back to the one in the config file? New server, so delete isn’t a huge deal.

  2. Is it a big deal if they don’t match?

Thanks! And great job on the new release.

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You must be running ipfs with the wrong user. You cannot re-init if you already have a config. If you did that it’s because no config existed and it created it.

Please check that you are running ipfs with the user you think you are, and that your config folder is actually where you think it is.

Thank you Hector, you are totally right! I was checking “user: root” when running the daemon under “user: ipfs”. Thanks again.