Problem with Desktop configuration

Hello everyone. I am pretty new to IPFS. I was messing around with the Desktop application and some Docker on a Raspberry PI, and I changed the IP configuration of the GUI, and now it is stuck. I tried re-installing (drag-n-drop in the application folder) but it didn’t work out :sweat_smile:.
Is there a way to edit the config file of the GUI?
Sorry for my noobness hihi

Yeah that happen to me from time to time too, it’s annoying!

The config file can be edited from the CLI or just open the file and change it directly (might be hard with docker).

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But actually where is it placed the config file?
The daemon which I misconfigured is the one on my laptop, which is running the IPFS Desktop app.
I need to know where the config file is placed =)

actually I solved it, I garbaged the application and reinstalled it (drag’n’drop)