Recover hash from initialized repo

Hi all, I am just starting with IFPS, following the tutorial ( I initiated my local repo, that’s cool. But then my laptop crushed and I didn’t have the chance to store my hash, so I am trying to access my repo using my Peer Id something like “ipfs cat /ipfs/QmbWUAR5M9Pr5SVuFmriyQKq2Z7c9MtQv8goW5xczifTkQ/readme” doesn’t work (because my peer id is not my hash). I am using my PeerId (QmbWUAR5M9Pr5SVuFmriyQKq2Z7c9MtQv8goW5xczifTkQ).

Does anyone know how to recover/regenerate my repo HASH to interact with it? I don’t want to delete my repo and init again, I want to regenerate the hash of my repo to interact with it.

Thx!!! Juan

I’m a little confused at what you are trying to do.
If you lost your peerID you can use “ipfs id” to see it.
If you are trying to access content you published on IPNS then you must do “ipfs cat /ipns/Qm…” not “/ipfs/Qm…”.