_redirects on native URLs

I am looking into some Single Page App setups and found that there is a redirect feature here.

It works fine, when using a subdomain or dnslink gateway, just as the docs say.
But is there a reason, why this is not supported on native URLs? I would figure that CORS would be fine with this.
This is a problem when trying to share a link, as then native URL does not honor the redirect and brave, for example, seems to favor native URLs and does not rewrite them to the internal gateway.

** edit **
I had a look at the resolution in the browser dev tools
if I lookup ipns://ttyz.dev (which is a dnslink to the example from the rfc)

the browser/companion does actually query my local brave node (similar to an external node)
ā†’ http://localhost:48084/ipns/ttyz.dev/
ā†’ http://ttyz-dev.ipns.localhost:48084

This works fine. The problem occurs when querying a non-existing path:
ā†’ http://localhost:48084/ipns/ttyz.dev/bla
this path does not exist and just stops with 404

Iā€™d figure a redirect to the subdomain gateway or a retry at the subdomain would be great.