Replace config with go-ipfs

Hello people!
So I’m working on a IPFS project that run on a React and React Native app. For the React app I can pass a JSON object and call config.replace(config) from js-ipfs everything works fine. For the React Native I’m using the go-ipfs but there is no config.replace or anything similar. The only thing that I found was the command module
How ever I’m strugling to understand how can I call the command and call "config replace ". Or a correct way to replace or update certains keys from the config itself.

Thank you in advence

Does this help?

Also, if you have access to the fsrepo object you can

That actually might help! I’ll give it a try thanks a lot, I’ll leave feedback

@PZenha Any luck with ipfs on react-native? II ma working on a project and need any insight you might have on how to run it in react-native?

Hey :vulcan_salute:
So you can take a look at this repo I can’t tell if the package react-native-ipfs is really working or not but give it a try.
I didn’t developed the IPFS Node implementation on RN but here is pretty much how it was done. to convert the go code into an Android .aar lib. Then import those methods into kotlin and by using react native bridge export the methods you wish into RN.

A little resume: Go → go mobile → gomobile.aar → kotlin → react native bridge → react native

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