Reprovider 28m per key

We observed that you recently provided 128 keys at an average rate of 28m42.780390771s per key.

Your total CID count is ~197993 which would total at 94749h34m17.909922603s reprovide process.

DHT is that slow?

Try this, see what you get:

  "Experimental": {
    "OptimisticProvide": true,
    "OptimisticProvideJobsPoolSize": 120,
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That seems strange. What version of Kubo are you using? can you share the configuration?

According to ProbeLab measurements, the 99th percentile latency is 70.7 seconds for DHT publishing.

Can you tell node just to pack all CIDs and upload them to

@hsn10 are you using the Amino DHT or another swarm of peers?

These experimental settings improved situation at cost of more open connections.

“ConnMgr”: { “GracePeriod”: “30s”, “HighWater”: 800, “LowWater”: 600, “Type”: “basic”

Number of reported connections is 1350 now, without these experimental settings that number used to be 750-950. Mostly slightly less than 800.