DHT discussion and contribution opportunities in 2023Q4

The PL EngRes IPFS Stewards team has several ongoing streams of work related to the improvement and optimisation of the Public IPFS DHT, henceforth called Amino (see: Amino is the proposed name for the Public IPFS DHT).

We would like to open up the discussion to the wider community to:

  1. raise awareness of our current and future plans, but also,
  2. seek ideas, help and contributions on the longer-term targets and vision for this important component of Web3 networks.

With regard to point 1. above, in the coming days, we will send a link to a blogpost summarising our ongoing work.

With regard to point 2., we plan to form a DHT Working Group (WG), which can meet online regularly (e.g., weekly/biweekly) and physically when possible, alongside bigger events. A first good venue for a physical meeting is LabWeek taking place alongside DevConnect, in November (in Istanbul). We will announce intentions and meeting times in this thread, so make sure to subscribe/follow if you are interested.