Resolve domain fail

When I use the last ( actually since v0.25.0) , it gose :
ipfs get /ipns/
Error: DNSLink lookup for “” failed: could not resolve name: DNSLink lookup could not find a TXT record (DNSLink | IPFS Docs)
Is that a bug ? Or kubo is going to remove the function of resolving cid from domain?

It looks like the DNSLink for that domain doesn’t exist. Are you sure it does?

If you can post the results from some DNS resolving tool like dig, nslookup, or powershell’s Resolve-DnsName demonstrating why you think it’s an IPFS related issue rather than an issue with the entity controlling the domain that’ll make it easier to figure out if/what issue exists and resolve it

It just an example domain , the real domain whitch i want to resolve is /ipns/ I’ve use this domian for about three years.

After I upgrade the kubo version to 0.25.0, it gose this error. When I downgrade to 0.24.0, the dns link comes to available again.

$ dig TXT +short

$ dig TXT +short

The DNSLink must be defined on the _dnslink subdomain as indicated in both the docs you linked) DNSLink | IPFS Docs) and the docs linked from there (DNSLink Standard).

IIRC publishing under just the base domain has been deprecated behavior for quite a while.

Got it , so I should set the record at, then it will work like before right?

Yep, that should do it.