IPNS resolving but not resolving

ipfs@ip-172-31-23-26:/home/ubuntu$ ipfs name resolve QmVe6PexAuq2gZuzq7mpaKQy2dxPsNPQhjuM7iH9dLwuR9

However when I try to load https://ipfs.io/ipns/QmVe6PexAuq2gZuzq7mpaKQy2dxPsNPQhjuM7iH9dLwuR9
I get:

ipfs resolve -r /ipns/QmVe6PexAuq2gZuzq7mpaKQy2dxPsNPQhjuM7iH9dLwuR9: Could not resolve name.

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Are you running a local daemon? This may be relevant:

When you call ipfs name resolve on the same machine on which you published the record, you’re probably just looking at a local copy of it.

@stebalien thanks I was able to publish it correctly now:


I still don’t understand what should I do for making IPNS hash resolving at remote gateway?

ipfs resolve -r /ipns/webui.ipfs.io/: could not resolve name got similar problem , when I trying to pin some photo from website then I get only that error. How to resolve it . I have IPFS Desktop and plugin for Brave

This is not something that would be resolvable. This DNS record does not exist. Where did you read that this would resolve to something?

It’s resolvable. There must have been a DNS glitch somewhere. This is the standard way to use the latest WebUI.

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so … how I suppose to repair if not resolve all the problems with pinning ? every time when trying to pin a site or image got something like I wrote earlier

So, there was indeed a dnssimple outage.