Remote gateway can't resolve ipns address

Hey there,

I have the next problem. I have resource with CID QmResource. I don’t want to share a new one CID each time when I update it. In this case, I tried to use IPNS and it worked locally fine except of remote gateways. When I try to get content by link, I get the next message in browser:

ipfs resolve -r /ipns/QmResource/: context deadline exceeded

How I got QmResource:

  1. Got CID of folder
  2. Run the next command jsipfs name publish QmResource
  3. Checked QmIpnsHash locally jsipfs name resolve QmIpnsHash
  4. Requested locally localhost:9090/ipns/QmIpnsHash

Does anybody know what can be wrong?

Can Anybody help me?

Did you solve the problem?