Roaming Circuit Relays?

I’m working on a censorship resistant API to replace REST APIs in a decentralized network. It relies heavily on the concept of circuit-relays, for punching holes through firewalls.

Is anyone aware of proposals to create a ‘roaming’ circuit relay service? This would be an IPFS node with the circuit-relay feature turned on, that regularly changes it’s IP address, so that it can’t be blocked.

The changing IP address would be the ‘roaming’ feature. This way the node can’t be blocked by automated firewalls, such as is used by the Great Firewall of China.

I’m thinking about creating a ‘circuit-relay as-a-service’, where someone in a highly restricted country could negotiate a connection with a roaming circui realy on-the-fly.

If anyone has any information on this topic that they can share, please add a link to this thread. As always, I’m wary of reinventing the wheel. I’d like to build on top of any knowlege that preceeds me.