RPM packages for go-ipfs


I don’t really know where is the right place for this on this forum, but I’ve started building rpm packages for go-ipfs.
I guess that could help some people install go-ipfs.

Available at : https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/daftaupe/go-ipfs/

Please test and report any issue to me.

Cheers !


Updated to version 0.4.15.

Cheers !

I’ve built one package for OpenSUSE also as requested by one person on the IRC channel.

Available on https://software.opensuse.org/package/go-ipfs

Packages are now up-to-date with version 0.4.16.

Forgot to update, but 0.4.17 is available.

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0.4.18 is available.
I’ve added Fedora 29 to the list of available distros.

Nice! Can you fix the package description and propose it to the official repositories?

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Hmm it’s not so easy to have a real package in Fedora style, but I might try when I get some time.
What’s wrong with the description ? I took what was written on the go-ipfs Github repository.

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The opensuse package has the description for the Hugo package. (I was talking about the opensuse rpm)

Hello, I fixed it, sorry I didn’t get notified of your message.
I’ll have to update the opensuse package to a newer version too.

Could you please submit these to the main Fedora repository proper?

Like I said, it’s a lot of work to propose it to the official repo, because all dependencies should be packaged independently.

Packages for OpenSUSE are updated to 0.4.18 by the way.

go-ipfs v0.4.19 has been published as rpms some time ago, but I didn’t update this post.

I’m working with a guy from OpenSUSE to get it published in the official repos :slight_smile:

I’ve been unable to build for a long time, now 0.4.23 is built for CentOS7/8 and Fedora 30/31.

Enjoy !