Include IPFS in openSUSE software repository

I’m trying to convince the admins of my Linux distribution openSUSE to add the IPFS daemon into its software repositories. If you navigate to and search for “ipfs”, nothing shows up, meaning the software is neither in the official repos nor any of the user made ones (under the “home:” directory). It would be greatly appreciated if anyone here who uses or is interested in Linux openSUSE can:

  • Have a chat with the administrators and kindly request them to integrate the IPFS daemon in the official open-source repository at Index of /tumbleweed/repo/oss
  • Create and maintain an user owned openSUSE repository of their own under Index of /repositories/home:
  • Create and maintain a distribution agnostic RPM repository for IPFS. As long as the daemon doesn’t rely on specific versions of specific libraries, it should be compatible with any RPM based Linux distro.

Although not yet part of the core OSS repository, IPFS has now been added to the official Filesystems repository in openSUSE. I salute this move! Hopefully it won’t be long until go-ipfs becomes a builtin part of most Linux distributions.

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