Running multiple ipfs by windows command set path....ipfs init

Hello guys!
I would like to create multiple instance of ipfs. I have a scenario where I need to create multiple ipfs on the same machine.
It could be easy if Im running on linux where I can do the following:
1- creating new node with new path. and executing the 2nd ipfs by this command:
IPFS_PATH=~/.ipfs2 ipfs init
2-Change Address Configs

“Addresses”: {
“Addresses”: {
“API”: “/ip4/”,
“Gateway”: “/ip4/”,
“Swarm”: [
but in windows it seems different for me. I could manage creating a path automatically by exeucing set command in cmd but I always got the same error when I try to re-execute ipfs init .
how can I point to the new command ipfs init to the second node, third node and so on?? another thing, how can I execute different daemons…
I am sure it would be a trick for that but cant get it
appreciate your help guys in advance.

I did the following:
opened two cmd windows
and seperately execute set path

set IPFS_PATH=C:\Users\amar.ipfs2
and seems created the second instance successfully
in the second window I executed
ipfs daemon I got this error

seems it is getting clear now… just in case someone get the same issues it is clear now…
I modified the original config by changing the address of both: swarm , api, and gateway .and give them different ports and the two nodes runs successfully
However. how can I specify which ipfs will run on the cmd ?? .because if I run Ipfs daemon in a new cmd prompt it will run the default one

if you need to simulate a cluster to test something you can also see that :

i hope can help you


use ipfs --api flag to point it to your other instance’s port: ipfs --api /ip4/<port>

Thanks Josselinchevalay. Can you give me a brief explanation what can ipfs cluster offer in my case.???
I want to create multiple ipfs nodes on the same machine running different daemon
appreciate your help

I will try it, many thanks Mr Hector :slight_smile: