Seeking Assistance for Remote Access to the HTTP API of a Node

Hello IPFS community!
I am currently working on an experiment on the IPFS network, and I’m trying to gain access to certain paths of the API (of a remote node) such as “/api/v0/add”, “/api/v0/pin/rm”, and “/api/v0/repo/gc” so that I can coordinate the experiment from my local node. From my understanding of the documentation, I should be modifying the configuration file of the remote IPFS node, and it should look something like this:

	"API": {
		"HTTPHeaders": {
			"Access-Control-Allow-Origin": [
              "Authorizations": {
                  "RmtUsr": {                  //some access
                     "AuthSecret": "basic:RmtUsr:password123",
                     "AllowedPaths": ["/api/v0/add", "/api/v0/pin/rm","/api/v0/repo/gc" ]
	"Addresses": {
		"API": "/ip4/",

with i’m not doxing myself :wink:) being the public ip of the network of the remote node.Currently, I’m using the “GitHub - ipfs/go-ipfs-api: The go interface to ipfs's HTTP API” library to interact with the API of my local node and make shells. However, I’ve encountered a challenge since this library lacks a NewShell() function that accepts entries for the URL along with a username and password. I would appreciate any suggestions,corrections or alternatives that the community can offer.
Thank you for your assistance!

The Authorizations config for Kubo looks correct/

Take a look at the new RPC client which allows setting the auth headers: kubo/client/rpc at master · ipfs/kubo · GitHub