Set bash variable on ipfs add

It is common to use created ipfs hash exactly after ipfs add some_file command.

Why dont ipfs autoset bash variable like $hash or $ipfshash or $_ (python style), so I will be able to easily use it?

Are you looking for something easier than this?

hash=$(ipfs add -Q some_file)

I’m not aware of other command-line applications setting variables like what you’re asking for, but if you have examples of this being a standard practice I’d be interested in knowing this is something I can use in my own scripts elsewhere.

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No, subprocesses cannot set cariables in a calling shell process. What people do is they print out shell statements and the caller evals them. Look at e.g. ssh-agent when run without a command argument.

Or if it’s only one value, just print out the value, as you just showed ipfs add does already.