Setup gateway.noFetch

How to configure gateway.noFetch for private ipfs network
What are the steps, can someone help me
I want to access my content on the network through this gateway, does gateway.noFetch serve this?
Is it read only? Or writing and reading?
How can I enable access to content through this gateway.noFetch

I don’t think that gateway.noFetch means as much for a private IPFS network. It would be a further restriction within the private network. noFetch should control if requests to the gateway return only content that is currently on that node or if it “fetches” content that isn’t local from other nodes. I find the name to be a bit confusing though because it’s a boolean and you get a double negative, “Yes, noFetch is true so don’t fetch and false is don’t, don’t fetch, so fetch”

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Thank you for the answer
If gateway is not suitable for fetching content from private ipfs
What do you think is the best way to access and get content?
I built a private network and I want to use it for storage, what are the possible solutions?

I’m not quite sure what you mean by “suitable”. Being suitable is going to depend on what you’re looking to do. Who do you want to be able to access content and from where? It’s a private network so it’s going to be restricted to those nodes on the private network. You could conceivably run a public gateway backed by a private network. Running noFetch would determine if content came from one node or any node on your private network but I can’t really think of a good reason at the moment to have the network private if the gateway is public but there might be some interesting use cases for that.

If you want a private network and a private gateway you’ll just need to secure the gateway in the same way you’d secure any public http endpoint. How you do that is probably going to depend on your setup.

It might help if you describe what you’re trying to do.

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Simply, my project is as follows
I want to take advantage of the range of devices I have available
as storage space
I built a private ipfs network on these devices
After this step, I want to know how I can store inside this network from a device outside it. I want permission to access the content inside the network for me or several devices from outside.
I set it
So I went to the gateway and asked if it would meet my request
I hope I have clarified what I am working on now