Shift project / Follow or scam

Hi there,

For a long time I’m following protocol lab and other projects work in progress… In the list I’m following is the Shift project ( or and I’m really interested in what the protocol lab’s team is thinking about it…

The Shift project members seems to now hide their real identity at least from August 2017, and their communications through telegram, riser or other online channel seems to indicate they are still working under the hood and also doing some kind of a “non-ICO-but-real-one” as they now talk about a similar approach to Filecoin. All their work is mostly based on IPFS. They have a private swarm, using an autopinning method based on delegate’s nodes etc…

The communication is based on providing decentralised free (for now on) web hosting, but it really look like some kind of a scam at the end of readings.

Every appreciation or look on that project would be appreciated (not to invest or some “rent seeker” look on this).

If this is not the place to discuss about it, feel free to just contact me on my personnal email address: at


Shift is 1 of the IPFS coins that have been active for a long time but before this we had others such as ATMOS / Novuspher, and Florin /Alexandria. I have not spoken to flo in a long time but ATMOS dev is very active and developing daily (Join the discord). As of 2 weeks ago they have also started Marketing because the Novusphere is out and live in beta for anyone with an EOS account to use