Similar project to DC++ using ipfs?

Hello all, I want to build a web interface for file sharing using ipfs in a local network similar to what DC++ does. I know that ipfs serves the purpose of file sharing. But I want features such as a file should automatically make multiple copies of itself on several nodes based on popularity of downloads and the ability to search for files on the network. Is there any already existing open source project working on this?

If not, I would like to start a new one.

File sharing projects exist, but are bit different than what you described:

PS. a good place to check what already exists:

Thanks for your help. Nothing is close to what I want. I think I will build my own.

You might consider modifying the ADC protocol to transport IPLD blocks instead of files. I have thought about doing this myself as I figure it would be more lightweight and private than running a full IPFS node.

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