Slow transfers over LAN

It takes over a minute to transfer 21 MB between two machines on a local network. Is this normal?


Debug info at

ipfs daemon &
ipfs add vlc-2.2.8.tar.xz


Debug info at

ipfs daemon &
ipfs repo gc
time ipfs cat QmaSSwsS2nAjExnxrqwKtmK5rLLhmqpju1HCsnPSigtHmV > /dev/null

After a few seconds, the transfer starts but it stutters at 1.38 MB, 3.75 MB, 7.50 MB, etc.

real    1m17.238s
user    0m0.652s
sys     0m1.255s

Without ipfs repo gc it takes about 5 seconds. As iperf shows, the network connection is fine.

[ ID] Interval       Transfer     Bandwidth
[  3]  0.0-10.0 sec   112 MBytes  93.8 Mbits/sec