Small example for IPFS in Browser

Demo Link
Basic idea here is boosting a ipfs node when you visit this site and this ipfs node will download a IPLD object from IPFS network and then render it.
It’s just small example to test IPFS in browser. For now, IPFS in Browser seems to only can connect IPFS node which enable websocket(Not support DHT yet, Maybe we can use WebRTC to implement DHT?)
There is the source code


Awesome work, i think the main problem for implementing most P2P applications in the web browser is the lack of uncomplicated ways to do P2P networking. As for implementing a DHT on top of WebRTC here’s a paper I found about that, it highlights the steps you need to go through to create a P2P WebRTC connection.

I did some research and found js-IPFS already supported WebRTC(maybe?)

Yeah i’m looking into that right now actually, Ill post here if I find anything