Smaller files in a folder + hashing

Hi, I have a few questions which are technical!

  1. If I have a folder with 8x 64kbyte files. Will this be 8 or 2 chunks of data? Given that chunks are 256kb?
  2. Given that I have a depth of 12 folders(each folder containing 2 folders and 1 file per folder in the ‘leafs’) easily get only the merkle dag/proof to a single file/CID?

Reason is that I want to do content inspection on small data 64kb and generate a separate merkle root from the calucaltion of the contents + CID of the file. Essentially generating two roots. 1 IPFS root and 1 external root. But to proof something is in there and in the correct format I need a path (which should be as small as possible) to the file/CID in the IPFS root to properly calculate the proof of the other root. Hopes this gives some context to my question.