Start testing the ipfs-cluster snap


Copying most of the setup from the IPFS snap, I have just published the ipfs-cluster snap to the store.

In any of the supported distros, you can start testing it with:

$ sudo snap install ipfs-cluster --edge

To set it up you need ipfs:

$ sudo snap install ipfs
$ ipfs init
$ ipfs daemon &

Then you can start the cluster:

$ ipfs-cluster.service init
$ ipfs-cluster.service &
$ ipfs-cluster.ctl id

Please let me know if it works for you.

pura vida.

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We started the call for testing with the ubuntu community:

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Do you need more people to work on the test of ipfs-cluster?
I can have a try if needed.

You can reach me at skype by rogerlzp

hey @rogerlzp, it would be great if you could figure out how to deploy a multipeer-cluster using snap (or simply how to provide a custom config and data folder for the application etc), and in turn contribute your findings as a section in (

The basic idea is to explain the user how cluster would be run if they chose Snaps as their cluster peer installation method.

Hey @rogerlzp. Sorry for the late reply. If you have questions, we can talk here.
Thanks for your help.

I have tested it in my local machine, setting 3 nodes, and some basic operations.
And just create a python project to automate this, including get the binaries from internet, extract to some path, and create 3 nodes under that path, configure the nodes, and then start them. The whole env is prepared.
Maybe automate some basic tests in future if needed.

just do some work on this, check my last post.

Just completed a python project to set the ipfs-cluster in one machine.

The process is the same as what we do manually in a machine to setup the ipfs-cluster.

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