The IPFS snap, and automated user tests


I’ve been maintaining the IPFS snap in the Ubuntu store for a while. Most of the maintenance tasks are automated using Travis CI, so when a new tag is pushed to the main repo we can start a call for testing with the community. That has been very useful, with around 10 testers per release, and recently we reached 1000 unique installs.

Last week, just in time for the 0.4.10 release, Travis updated the machines where the jobs are run and it became possible to install snaps there. So I automated the smoke test we used to validate the release, leaving the community of testers with more free time to try to break the system with crazy exploratory tests. I wrote a little about this:

Now that I will also have some more free time because making snap releases is easier, I want to make a snap for ipfs-cluster. If somebody wants to help, that would be great.

If you want to install ipfs 0.4.10 in any of the supported distros, just run:

sudo snap install ipfs

pura vida

We have just released the ipfs and ipfs-cluster snaps to armhf and arm64.

Take a look at them working on my dragonboard, arm64 with ubuntu core:


Thanks to @hector for all the help with the cluster!

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