Get yourself setup on Drips Network

A decentralized toolkit for funding your critical software dependencies.

This is a way that people can support open source software projects, their maintainers, and dependencies.

You “drip” tokens and can split them between maintainers, dependencies, or even other drip lists.

I met the team this past week in Denver. I claimed a personal repo and experimented a bit and I think it’s a very interesting platform. The main down side is that it’s deployed to Ethereum Mainnet so gas fees are high.

I think there are a couple of things everyone in the IPFS community can do:

  • set up your GitHub account
  • claim your repos — this means adding a FUNDING.json file to your repo along with a wallet address
  • help identify IPFS projects & dependencies

Joint Drip List

You can make shared drip lists. We can maybe use the Awesome IPFS list as a space to work on this / list projects.

Haven’t looked into the documentation more around shared lists, need to experiment.

Only supports GitHub right now

Multisig wallets for orgs / groups of maintainers? I think SAFE is supported.

Claiming or linking whole GitHub orgs or sharing them?