Stashware - A secure permanent decentralized storage network using IPFS

Stashware is a new solution in the field of decentralized storage networks.
It uses a huge distributed and disseminated network of decentralized devices that are not controlled by a single entity or authority. While using the latest technologies in cryptography to ensure data privacy.

In this Information Age, the phrase “The cloud is just someone else’s computer” . That person is more like the data center of a mega corporation.

In a centralized storage they can deny us access to our own data because a change or regulation or break some rules unilaterally imposed by the data center owner.

Stashware focuses on providing large, permanent storage capacity that is resistant to attack and censorship at a minimum cost of storage, maintenance, bandwidth and services without dependence on a specific provider.

And IPFS is one of the layer technologies that made this possible and easy to use.

Stashware’s technical team, after careful and intense analysis of current solutions and the future needs of users and business, Have evolved and enchanced the existing state-of-the-art by providing a robust, reliable and versatile platform. The following white paper describes the proposed platform in detail.

Stashware adopts an account-based model for its transaction structure and also supports intelligent contract technology for decentralized applications.

Stashware relies on a combination of PoC, PoS and PoA as consensus mechanisms.

This algorithm for achieving consensus between nodes is the enhanced Proficiency Test (PoC) with Participation Test (PoS) version, abbreviated as iPoC.

In this consensus, any node with a participation of at least a multiple of 20,000 Stashware coins (SWR) can be a miner. A miner can be selected as a validator to confirm the created block or can be a creator to publish the block.

Stashware is developed in Golang a language used in the most pioneering developments of decentralized web 3.0, with multiple advantages in security, concurrency and connectivity. The platform will support IPv4 and IPv6, with an inter-node protocol based on an API - RESTFUL.

File Contracts and IPFS

A file contract is an agreement between a IPFS provider and the end users with the use of smart contract on Stashware (See Fig 3). The digital contents of files are stored on the IPFS and the IPFS hashes (merkle hash tree) are stored into the blockchain smart contracts to provide traceability and authenticity. To construct a file’s Merkle root hash, the file is split into
fragments of constant size and hashed into a Merkle tree.
The root hash, along with the total size of the file, is used to verify the existence of storage. More specifically, the hash generated on storing the documents to IPFS, can be stored in the smart contracts effectively and documents can be accessed using the hash. If there is any change in the content of the digital document,
the hash changes, to show that the original content was modified and altered.
In smart contracts, it can also be specified a duration, challenge frequency, and payout parameters, including the reward for a valid proof, the reward for an invalid or missing proof,
and the maximum number of proofs that can be missed. The challenge frequency specifies how often a storage proof must be submitted, and creates discrete challenge windows during
which a host must submit storage proofs (one proof per window). Contracts define a maximum number of proofs that can be missed; if this number is exceeded, the contract becomes invalid.
If the contract is still valid at the end of the contract duration, it successfully terminates and any remaining coins are sent to the valid proof address.
Conversely, if the contract funds are exhausted before the duration elapses, or if the maximum number of missed proofs is exceeded, the contract unsuccessfully terminates and any remaining coins are sent to the missed proof address.

Security is at Stashware core. Stashware provides the following security services:

  • password confidentiality
  • data integrity
  • commitment authentication
  • access control by compromise
  • impersonation of existing users

Stashware provides easy-to-use, transparent open-source tools to ensure and meet all client security and privacy concerns

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