State of IPFS PubSub

I was wondering if the IPFS pubsub feature is still considered an experimental feature. I understand OrbitDB is built on top of it and AvionDB is built on top of that. So is the Pubsub feature stable enough to build applications on top of it or is the protocol still subject to change in a breaking manner?

I have the same question as you…

I am actually activating “pubsub gossip mode” like that:

ipfs config Pubsub.Router gossipsub
ipfs daemon --enable-pubsub-experiment --enable-namesys-pubsub 

Is it still relevant to do so with ipfs 5.0.1 ?

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The closest thing I could find in regards to this is coincidentally a post from today in regards to updates to gossipsub:

Non-IPFS link: Gossipsub v1.1 brings hardening extensions to PubSub

A new version of the underlying pubsub protocol will be included in 0.6.0. However, we aren’t yet going to enable it by default, unfortunately.