Sweet IPFS : Full IPFS node for Android

🌍 Full IPFS node for Android 🌍


Minimum Android version: 4.4 (KitKat) (API 19)

Final Features

Sweet IPFS is a fork of IPFSDroid that aims end-user and developers usage.

  • It can start a new IPFS node or connect to an already running IPFS node
  • You can use multiple IPFS repositories and manage them without actually start them
  • It supports all IPFS actions with Command-Line or Graphical interfaces
  • You can modify your node configuration
  • You can create scripts and tasks in Kotlin
  • You can manage keys and pins
  • It generates QR codes
  • It has a Clear & Minimalist design

Join us!


What are the specs? I mean memory usage, network usage?

This will be extremely useful for p2p apps. However I wouldn’t invest much time into the UI. Instead what I think is really needed is a Java lib that can run an IPFS node in mobile-friendly mode. You can take this idea even further and wrap this into a React Native module.

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No need of a lib, the ipfs configuration does everything
I’ll focus on the configuration in order to have the best specs

How do I set this up to “mirror” my IPFS site?

Name publish does not seem to be the way because of the separate PeerID.

mirroring = pinning

You can pin the IPFS hash of your website on your phone by using

pin add (ipfs-path)

Thanks for the quick reply! Is there a way to verify that it’s hosting? I tried
pin verify
but nothing prints out on the screen.

This will be a great tool. I’m using my phone as a wifi hot spot, and the ipfs on my mac used up all of my 8GB quota for hotspot data in less than two days. Apps on my phone don’t count against the quota, so I’ll sleep better knowing my site doesn’t go down, which would be embarrassing since its purpose is to extol hosting sites on IPFS as an almost bullet-proof poor man’s solution.

I invite any kindred spirits to pin my site --it’s less than 12 MiB.

You can check providers of a hash with

dht findprovs (hash)

By the way, if you worry about the uptime and lifetime of your files, you should consider using https://eternum.io it’s VERY affordable and efficient

hmm. Did you mean the IPNS name hash? I tried that command using my name hash, both on sweet and on my mac, where the repo is. No result, either way.

I just tried using the parent hash of the most recent version. This works, but it means I will have to unpin it with each new version and pin the newest version. Is there a way to do this with the name hash?

No, there is no such way for the moment.
But there is no problem with keeping old versions pinned, you can just pin each new version without worrying about older versions

Thank you @hazae41. Here’s a little write-up I did today with your help:


If you are interested, you can shorten your IPNS with a CloudFlare DNS for free

How to shut off Sweet IPFS?

I tried just 'x’ing it in the taskbar. At this time, it sometimes is too much on my battery.

Yes, this is the correct way
I’m working on battery usage, but I can’t do a miracle, this is difficult

I don’t think the correct way is working. After “killing” from the task switcher, the phone remains hot, notification interface remains active, battery life is short, and 15% warning is really zero warning.

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Sweet IPFS 0.2 is now available!

Everything has changed!

  • Updated to the latest IPFS version (0.4.18)
  • Updated to the latest Kotlin version (1.3.11)
  • Now using Anko
  • Now using Kotlin coroutines
  • All features are now implemented!
  • Added support for .ipfs and .ipns files
  • Now using namesys-pubsub for IPNS

Update 0.2.1 fixes the app not launching on certain devices

Update 0.2.2:

  • added low power mode
  • added “Daemon arguments” configuration

When you release latest version of sweet ipfs?