System emails bounce back

hi site admins and DNS admins,

i’d like to notify you about a misconfigured DNS record which causes registration and other system emails do NOT get delivered. could you please reach out whoever responsible for emailing and dns config to fix it?

i was about to register on, but the verification email comes from does not get accepted because of invalid SPF record.
here is what SPF validators says:

Invalid SPF Policy
The policy contains one or more syntax errors.
Invalid term “2602:fd3f:0000:ff06::/64”: name must not begin with a non-alpha character.

Results - PermError SPF Permanent Error: Unknown mechanism found: 2602:fd3f:0000:ff06::/64
Return to SPF checking tool (clears form)

Context: Failed to query MAIL-FROM
ErrorCode: (2) Could not find a valid SPF record
Error: Invalid character at start of mechanism near ‘2602:fd3f:00’
Error: Failed to compile SPF record for ‘

could you please fix it?
it’s just simply “ip6:” prefix is missing at the front of the last ipv6 range.


Thanks for the report. This is an issue with the people (our hosting for these boards which controls I have raised the issue with them.

thanks hector!
btw since then I looked deeper into this issue and it seems this misconfiguration does not necessarily lead to bounce, it depends on how MTA handles ‘permerror’ SPF condition. see .
you may also connect me to them.

Should be fixed now.